Niagara Falls

I have been to Niagara Falls four or five times already but every time I had visited that place I discovered something new there. Needless to say, I have fallen in love with this spectacular area. To be honest, my first impressions regarding this place weren’t so warm at all.

Text, Photo: Kamila Balcova

I was disappointed, when I saw all that casinos and hotels in the immediate vicinity of waterfalls. In my idealistic notion there was no place for them. My eyes registered the power of commerce on one hand and the beauty of nature on the other.


The beauty of nature however, was stronger. It was an unforgettable experience to stay on the platform near the mass of water falling thunderously down, and numerous stray drops of water wetting my clothes. Enthusiasm – that was it.


People from all over the world were trying to take their best photos of Niagara Falls. They were smiling, chatting and the misty water was falling down all around.


You could take a boat ride, which I did, and be transported to the falls on Canadian side. Those are bigger, and in my opinion also more wonderful, than that ones on the American side. It was very exiting moment to be so near to them.



This place has its own magic. On sunny days you are rewarded with natural view of the misty rainbow and during the night, waterfalls sparkle with many different colors when lit by colorful spotlights. Of course, there are many attractions that can amaze you. However, the most memorable for me has been the natural view on the waterfalls.