Winter in Canada

It was a really harsh winter in Canada at the end of 2017 and early January 2018. Temperatures in Ontario reached low minus 20 °C. Cold days and nights turned Niagara Falls into a mass of ice. I took some pictures of Lake Ontario’s  Hamilton’s Bayfront park  to share  with you.


Photo, text: Kamila Balcová

Lake Ontario’s  Hamilton’s Bayfront park was full of  fishermen. The bay was full of their ice fishing huts and fishing gear. They stayed and fished in the freezing conditions all day long. I kept coming  there to see how the place was changing  over days.

It was so amazing to walk on such an enormous frozen lake  and to have the opportunity to take pictures from the middle of it.

The last time, I went for a walk in Bayfront park, I was very lucky to take pictures of an american eagle.

I was speaking to fishermen when suddenly the eagle appeared. The fishermen kept feeding  it small fish  and thus giving me enough time to take pictures of this magnificent bird.

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Thank you for reading 🙂